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Sam Armytage Hits BACK After Being Called Dumb And Ditzy

Samantha Armytage has written an open letter in which she calls out a journalist who labelled her dumb and ditzy following a sketch which aired on Sunrise last week.

Armytage came under fire following the sketch which featured Sex And The City star Kristin Davis.

Now Armytage has broken her silence following the incident.

In the letter Armytage addresses the journalist saying, “To use petty barbs such as “bimbo”, “dumb”, “ditzy”, “daft” to prove a point, does not make you a feminist. It makes you a bully.”

She wrapped things up by saying, “I am a proud woman and I will no longer tolerate women who rubbish our sisterhood in the name of feminism.”

Looks like Sam isn't taking any of this lying down!!

Source: news.com

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