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Sam Armytage ‘Unfairly Manhandled’ Make-Up Artist

This morning, we reported on Channel 7 Host, Samantha Armytage's alleged incident with her make-up artist on set. It seemed like just a one off at the time - but since this morning, we've learned that this may not be the case.

Channel 7 are now reportedly doing an internal investigation on this 'string of attacks', yep - it seems this isn't Sam's first time being involved in diva antics. Apparently, the make-up artist involved in this morning's scandal, Eliza Campagna, was told never to grace the studio floor while the star (Armytage) was on it, unless she was in the bathroom.

It has also been reported in the past that Armytage has conflict with former Sunrise host, Melissa Doyle, of whom Samantha replaced. The rumours at the time were that Doyle was 'too old' and though Armytage denied this, the two have never been thought of as very close. For instance, Doyle follows Armytage on Twitter, but it seems as though out of 500 people that Armytage follows on the social media platform, Doyle is not one of them. It may seem small, but Armytage follows pretty much every other woman in Australian media, including Sally Obermeder, Kylie Gillies, Natalie Barr - and even women from rival network Nine, such as Lisa Wilkinson and Sylvia Jeffries.

Speaking of Natalie Barr, Armytage has also reportedly been involved with conflict with her over positions on Sunrise.


David Porter, Director of TV Operations on the Seven Network has confirmed that an incident happened between Samantha Armytage and the Seven make-up artist, Eliza Campagna. The incident involved Sam physically blocking the make-up artist during a live broadcast of Sunrise.

Eliza is known to be Armytage's preferred make-up artist, for the past 18 months, as evident on her instagram account where Sam often gives Eliza credit and vice-versa.

However Sam has upset Eliza after a conflict occurred during the making of an episode. A complaint to HR stated that Sam allegedly unfairly manhandled Eliza on set.

However, Porter said yesterday, that Sam did not manhandle the make-up artist she simply put her arm out to stop Eliza from walking into a live shot. 

“Eliza was about to walk into a live shot so Sam put her hand out to stop her. In live TV, this kind of thing happens all the time,” he told Sydney Confidential

Annette Sharp reported that a rep from the HR department contacter Porter, who then told Armytage that a complaint had been made. 

Armytage gave Sydney Confidential a two line statement saying "This is total rubbish. I have a really long  history with Eliza. We've been mates for many years and she’s in a league of her own. She’s a miracle worker! You should see me without make-up.”

Source: Sydney Confidential

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