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Sarah Ellen Joins Neighbours as Kylies Daughter!

After years of wondering what Scott and Charlene from Neighbours daughter will look like, we finally know!

Sarah Ellen will take on the role of their daughter Madison in the Eleven show.

Kylie Minogue was the first person to say congratulations to Sarah, telling NewsCorp ''Congratulations on your first acting job Sarah and welcome to the neighbourhood!''.

She continues saying ''A lot has changed since I was in Neighbours but I have no doubt the family spirit of the cast and crew remains the same''

Sarah will join as Madison to check on her brother Daniel (Tim Phillipps), on behalf of her parents.

We can't wait to see her arrive and what Ramsay Street has in store for her! 

Plus if you can't remember who Sarah is, well, here's a reminder of her eyebrow game!

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