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Schwarzenegger will replace Donald Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the new host of The Celebrity Apprentice reality show, replacing Donald Trump, whose role on the program - in effect - came to an end when he announced his presidential aspirations.

In The Celebrity Apprentice 16 people from the world of business face off in a series of challenges with the aim of winning $250,000 to be donated to a charitable organisation of their choice.

Schwarzenegger - who said in a communique that he is "a big fan" of the reality show - will host the 15th edition of the program.

NBC last July ended its relationship with Trump because of the latter's comments about Mexican immigrants in the United States, whom he called rapists and criminals in his June speech declaring his candidacy for the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination.

The network, however, had already said that it would replace Trump at the helm of The Celebrity Apprentice after the real estate magnate announced his presidential run.

Television shows with non-specialised general content are obligated to provide equal screen time to each US presidential candidate.

On his Twitter account, Trump on Monday congratulated Schwarzenegger, whom he called his "friend," on his new job and apologised to his own fans for not being able to take part in the show because of the rules governing TV time for candidates.


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