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Serious Health Concerns for Kate Middleton, Revealed

Although Kate Middleton has always been thin, a new report has emerged claiming the 34-year-old has dropped to an alarming 40 kilos! The report has also alleged Kate is pregnant with her third baby on its way. 

According to Life & Style magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William should be celebrating this moment. Instead, the entire royal family are concerned for Kate’s health.

Prince William has allegedly “called in top medical experts,” a source told the magazine. “He feels like Kate is all skin and bones and has no energy.”

The magazine is reporting that Kate has informed her family about the pregnancy and they plan to nurse her back to health. 

A family friend has told Life & Style mag. “Kate is really in a lot of discomfort at the moment, and everyone’s very worried for her.”

Kate suffered from hyperemesis with her first two child births, which caused her to vomit “up to 20 times a day.” And apparently this newest pregnancy is no different.

“At the moment she’s barely eating anything because just the thought of food makes her feel nauseous,” the friend said.

“Kate looks undernourished,” a different source told the mag. “Her morning sickness has left her feeling wiped out and weak, and she’s had to cancel some appointments at the last minute.”

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