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Snezana Just Made A BIG Mistake With The Bachelor

If you watched The Bachelor last night, you were probably squatting infront of the telly, hands on screen yelling "NO, Snez! Don't show your jealous side!!! Didn't you see what happened to Emily? You don't want that to be YOU, DO YOU?!"

So why the outrage? Well, after scoring extra one-on-one time with Sam after a life drawing group date task, Snezana took the opportunity to get something off her chest (no, NO, NO!!). She told Sam that 'a few nights ago at the rose ceremony, I was angry at you.'

When Sam, looking confused, asked why, she explained that it was because Intrduder Lana had come back from her one-one-one date with a rose, and Snezana was hurt by 'how fast your head could be turned.'

Since the intruders entered, there has been quite an obvious divide between the 'original girls' and the 'intruders', with many of the OG's believing they have a right to more time with the Bach, which is a little funny, considering the nature of the show.

When Snezana opened up, Sam looked a little shocked, and as a viewer you were instantly taken back to the moment Emily aired similar feelings to Sam, feelings that ultimately culminated in him forming an opinion on her that ended in her being sent home.

Check out the footage, and Sam's reaction...

Source: Daily Mail

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