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Did Zac Efron Really Just 'Nail' An Aussie Accent?!

It's hard to decide on this one whether Zac Efron has failed miserably or done really well.

During his new movie, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, Zac unleashes into an Aussie accent while sitting in a bar with a cowboy hat on.

Mike, played by Adam DeVine, asks Zac's charachter if he likes to drink tequila before Zac, as Dave, comes back with ''Why, yes, I do. I only drink my particular brand, and you will not convince me otherwise.''

Now it's obvious Mike is trying to get the bartender to buy his tequila but he needs help from his brother. However, the bartender is having nothing of Dave's Aussie skills saying ''I know that’s your brother! He dated my niece!'

The boys are not unsettled by that though and Dave swears his name is Rick and has just moved from Melbourne.. and it works.

For me though? Still sounds American.

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