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Sophie Monk Calls Sexism On Tim Dormer

Celebrity Apprentice Finalists Sophie Monk and Tim Dormer are nearing the end of the competition.

Wednesday night sees the two personalities head to head in Channel Nine’s TV Reality series. Things are heating up with former Big Brother winner Tim Dormer speaking to Women’s Day, suggesting that his Celebrity Apprentice rival Sophie Monk got into the finals because of the way she dressed, “I underestimated the power of a good-looking girl in a skimpy dress…” he went on to say “Well, Mr Bouris must have a crush on Sophie”.

Tonight, Sophie Monk posted on her instagram account “Nervous about the finale considering I'm "only here because of my looks & short skirts" hey Tim Dormer… #WomenCanBeSmartTooTimothy #WomenForBusiness”.

It didn’t take long for fans to react including former Celebrity Apprentice winner Julia Morris “To be crowned Celebrity Apprentice one needs to have both style & grace. Sadly your opponent seems to have neither. You have been a superstar on every level through the entire series. I adore you. Jx”.

Dormer’s return serve was a quote he posted on his instagram account an hour later “The problem is people are being hated for being real & loved for being fake”.

No doubt there will be a bit of drama in the final boardroom…

Celebrity Apprentice Final airs 8.40pm on Channel 9.

🙌🏻 Keep it real, stuff the haters.

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