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Spider Crawls Across News Reporter During Live Cross

 In other spider, fear inducing news…

Shannon Murray, a reporter for Fox 4 news in Texas, carried through a live broadcast with a disturbingly large spider on her shoulder.

While every other human being on the planet would have freaked right out, the reporter just calmly kept on, keepin’ on.

The clip, which was posted to the company’s Facebook page, was captioned:

“The itsy bitsy spider crawled down the reporter’s arm,” 

Itsy bitsy? Mate, it was VISIBLE ON CAMERA.


“Why is it such a big spider??? Why are they so big these days? Are they drinking the milk? Eating the chicken? I don’t know what’s happening anymore. I can’t,” one Facebook user commented.

Shannon took to Facebook to talk about it.

“For those asking, YES I felt it! But I had no idea it was a spider until a VIEWER let me know on Facebook! EEK,”

EEK is right! We got those spidey tingley senses just thinking about it!

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