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Susan Carland Had Some Harsh Words For Waleed Aly

Dr Susan Carland has revealed that it certainly wasn't love at first sight when it came to her relationship with The Project host Waleed Aly.

In fact, the university professor has confessed, she once told him that he was the last man she'd marry.

"He just really annoyed me," Carland told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I think maybe it was that I'd become Muslim, so I was dealing with all those changes in my life, telling my family and friends, and I needed everyone to give me some space."

The couple originally met as teenagers, shortly after Carland had converted from Christianity to Islam, and began dating when Carland was 19.

But it wasn't until a full year after her rejection of Aly's declaration of love that the academic realised her mistake, and apologised to the Gold Logie winner; the two were married in 2002, and shortly after welcomed daughter Aisha and son Zayd.

"If anything I love him even more and I feel even closer to him and even more committed that he's the right person," Carland continued. "I adore him."

And it seems Aly has well and truly forgiven her early rejection, too, gushing that his "best friend" is "bright, outrageously good at conversation and really funny but with a lightness to her."

Sounds like it was always meant to be!

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