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The Awkward Sunrise Interview That Was Too Much

Samantha Armytage is the face of morning television of Channel Seven, and at age 40, she has found herself in a bit of a storm.

The 40-year-old has awkwardly found herself flirting with three guys who are living in Bondi.

At one point the Sunrise host even apologised for coming off as ‘creepy’ when her attempts at flirting didn’t exactly work.

The segment was regarding three young backpackers whose Facebook housemate advert went viral when people were starting commenting saying they were ‘handsome young roosters'.

Armytage went onto point out that the boys are looking for work asking ‘’do we need anything done around the studio?' excitedly, before blurting out: 'I don't have a pool, but you could be the pool boy?'

After receiving strange looks from David Koch, she apologised saying ‘’'It's creepy, isn't it? Sorry,’ with a laugh.

The three good-looking young men took to social media on Wednesday to let the Bondi community know they had secured a house and were opening their doors to new housemates.

The self-confessed 'lads' - two English gentlemen and a handsome Swede - described themselves as a 'social bunch' and 'working professionals who are fun and outgoing.'

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