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Bachelorette Confession Could See Georgia And Lee Jailed

The Bachelorette’s Georgia and Lee could face jail time after they revealed how they got to see each other before the final result was announced.

And it appears they used fake names to board domestic flights across Australia.

Lee travelled under the name Michael Cameron, while Love travelled under Rose Dewitt, better known as Kate Winslet’s character from Titanic.

Lee said ‘As long as you don't check any luggage in, you're fine. You check in online."

Most airports offer self-service check, which means you are basically are on an honour system and swear that that is your name.

Currently, the Australian Federal Police have no general authority to request identification material from passengers at airports, and can only do so if they think a crime has been committed. 

A photo posted by Georgia Love (@georgiealove) on

Earlier this year, aviation security expert Roger Henning warned of the dangers of the current system, saying "it's really only a matter of time before all this catches up with us. If they can make you show your ID at an RSL, they can do it an airport."

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