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The Bachelorette In 60 Seconds: Deceit And Sumo-surfing

One thing I thought while watching the Bachelor was, this is like an episode of Survivor - as in, strategy is everything.

The ep started with Luke, the George Clooney lookalike, being chosen for a single date.

Sophie, who struggles to open up because she feels awkward, hid the questions she really wanted to ask Luke in sandcastles, so they were like icebreake… SAND-breakers.

First question, what age were you when you lost your virginity.

WOAH, that’s a bit quick Soph.

Then, Sophie got surfing lessons from Luke and they hit the waves.

It was easy to tell this was the thing Sophie wanted to do least - but hey, it’s the Bachelor, and sitting around drinking wine every date just ain’t gonna fly - as much as she’d probably like it to.

She brought out a blow-up sumo wrestling style body ring for ‘safe-surfing’ - it was awesome.


Luke and Sophie ended up pushing through the awkwardness the followed her giving him a rose and then continued to enjoy a ‘deep pash.’

Then, it was time for a group date; Sam AND Jarrod were both picked. Yikes! The guys didn’t know this yet, but Sophie had planted her mum and dad as ‘drivers’ for the two vans that drove the boys to the date venue.

Sophie’s dad in particular copped an earful from Sam, who inadvertently told Mr. Monk how many guys his daughter had macked on with.

Once at the date, they were joined by an expert art impressionist, ‘Ellen’, aka Sophie’s younger sister Lucy.


They were asked to sit around and draw a tree, to later be assessed by the expert. When they found out the truth, they ALL looked worried.

The boys actually opened up to Lucy, with Ryan scoring the most posts for showing his vulnerable side and scoring extra alone time with Sophie.

During that time, Ryan DID show a softer side, talking about past relationships and the passing of his mother, you could see Sophie start to sink in to his arms. … then it went south, very quickly.

When Sophie asked what he looked for in a girl, his response was ‘a girl that looks after herself.’

‘Physically?’ Sophie asked.

‘Yeah, physically.’

‘So a hot girl?’ she asked.

‘Yeah… is that okay?’ he muttered, realising his potential error.

It wasn’t. But she said it was anyway.

Then he proceeded to tell Sophie that he liked a respectful girl, one that doesn’t swear.


The good news? He obviously isn’t a crazy stalker who wants to date a famous person, because the guy obviously knows nothing about her. He didn’t get a rose.

Then it was time for the cocktail party.

Sam took Sophie aside, basically to hint about why he hadn’t got either of his guaranteed two ‘double delight’ dates yet. Sophie beat him to the post.

She pulled him up for his comments about her ‘cans’ during the last date, and you could tell she regretted giving him that damn double delight rose in the first place. Yes I realise the irony of him getting a DD rose and talking about her ‘cans.’

He apologised, we THINK she may have bought it.



Oh, and Jarrod and Sam had a ‘man chat’, because Sam’s telling everyone he thinks Jarrod is intense, because he doesn’t want anyone else to go on a date with Sophie.

We think the producers need to sit him down and tell him how the show works. The truth is he IS intense - but Sam IS also a child, like Jarrod says.

It’s all very funny when all the bitching between guys is actually true… Then it was time for the rose ceremony.

Three guys we don’t know left, but the one named ‘Bingham’ stayed.


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