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Devastating Line That Could End A Seven Year Switch Marriage

Imagine being in a relationship that wasn’t perfect, in fact, it wasn’t anywhere NEAR perfect.

Now imagine your issues were played out in front of an audience of MILLIONS, and that your partner had revealed the thing they were most scared to tell even you, in front of that audience. That’s exactly what happened on tonight’s episode of ‘Seven Year Switch’.

Four couples, both going through a big decision in their relationships; do they stay and fight for the one they love, or do they call it quits? It’s tough to watch.

Tonight I think everyone’s eyes welled up when Michael watched a video message from his partner Felicity, and what she said broke hearts around the world. ‘I think we have more good times then bad… I’m unsure whether or not I’m still in love with him.’

Michael didn’t take it well.

‘Our relationship’s tarnished’, he told experiment wife Kaitlyn, ‘I don’t know if we can ever come back from that if I’m honest.’

However, Michael’s shocking hit came after blows by two of the other Seven Year Switch Contestants. Johnny’s wife Tracey confessed; ‘I love him, I care for him, but I’m not in love with him’.

This was after ‘heartbroken’ Johnny had explained to the camera that during their separation they’d been out with other people, even some more “intellectual” than his estranged wife, but despite all that, his heart was still with Tracey.

Lucky her.

However, it’s Michael’s heartbreaking confession that’ll have us sobbing into our cereal well into the morning; ‘I’m scared that it won’t work and we’ll break up, and eventually have new partners. I don’t want to see another man playing dad to my kids.’


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