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The Nanny's Niles Reveals All

Daniel Davis played the posh, quick witted British butler in the hit show The Nanny for over seven years, but despite its success there was always one thing he never quite understood. 

While Fran and Maxwell's relationship blossomed over the six seasons, unbeknownst to viewers and Davis another relationship was brewing. While Niles spent years bickering with arch enemy C.C. Babcock, the show ended with the rivals getting married and CC discovering she was pregnant. 

“That’s the only part that I never really bought, to tell you the truth,” he told news.com.au.

“C.C. and I had been so oil and water — I didn’t buy that we would end up married. But I had to play it, because that’s what they wrote ... I don’t think I’ve ever expressed that to anyone before!”

Now 70, Davis revealed he hoped the odd pairing might have meant more air time for C.C. and Niles. 

'The only reason I thought it could have worked would be if they were planning a spin-off, like The Niles and C.C. Show, which I would have loved — but they didn’t go with that idea,' he said. 

While Davis fondly remembers his time on the hit show, former cast member, Madeline Zima, who played youngest daughter, Gracie Sheffield, remembers things a little differently. She told The TV Page in 2013 that the show wasn’t a fun experience. 

“There was just a kindness and a sensitivity that didn’t exist on the set of The Nanny. They treated me more like a prop than like a human being,” she revealed. 

Davis said he was disappointed to hear of Zima’s experience, but believed it all boiled down to Zima’s natural attitude.  

“There was always the sense with Madeline that she was just an unhappy child — it was her nature. It was noticeable,” he explained.

He believes the writers picked up on her unhappiness and wrote it into the character. 

'It’s why Gracie always seemed unhappy and was in therapy,” he said. 

Zima went on to star in Californication... it seems she got used to feeling like a prop. 

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