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The Product EVERY Home Uses That Works Just Like Water

CHOICE has reviewed more than 100 laundry detergent products and lo and behold… some are no better than water.

Australian consumer advocacy group, CHOICE, has found that some products on the market are doing little more than spinning your clothes around. 

More than 100 detergents were surveyed and it found that some were just 3% better than good ol’ tap water.

When put to the test with spills like oils, tomatoes and starches, the best detergent on the market was the Trimat Advanced Concentrated Laundry Front Loader.

At $5.99, it was one of the cheaper on the market and was given a score of 83% efficiency when it came to general detergency.

OMO followed with their A Touch Of Comfort Inspired Freshness Powder.

You learn something new everyday!

You can compare products here.

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