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Robbers Will Struggle To Sell Kim Kardashian's Jewellery

The robbers responsible for holding Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in Paris and making off with $10 million in jewellery may not have thought the crime through completely. Experts say finding a buyer for the uber expensive jewellery will be near impossible due to how recognisable the stolen goods are. 

Sandrine Marcot, acting president of the French union of jewellers and watchmakers, predicts the value of the haul will crash significantly because of all of the media attention. He says they will also be easy to trace, as most precious stones are stamped with a laser mark. 

'These are not everyday jewels. These are unique pieces,' Marcot told AFP. 


The chances of re-selling Kim’s 15-carat engagement ring valued at around $6 million Australia dollars, will be the most difficult, as it is most recognisable. Kim was seen wearing the ring while Snapchatting just hours before the robbery. 

Source: Instagram

Source: Snapchat

'Everyone knows that ring. It won't be easy to get rid of it,' a police source said.

While in most cases thieves will work with a shady jeweller to whittle down the gem, a recut jewel loses almost three-quarters of its value according to police. 

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