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The Secret Behind The Veronicas’ ‘Topless’ ARIAs Costume

In case you missed it, The Veronica’s took to the stage at this week’s ARIAs wearing… well not much at all.

Decked out in red glitter and latex pants, people were soon questioning how they were able to clean the body paint off so quickly to return to stage for their hosting duties.

Was it a team scrubbing madly? Perhaps it was fake skin?

Let’s be honest, a fair few of us were also questioning if they were actually topless.

Well now we have our answers!

The girls’ body paint artist has revealed to Be Entertainment the secrets of their costumes, which was based off the cover art for their album In My Blood.

Jess Watson Miller of Art Kinetica said the look was a combination of latex prosthetics, water-based paint and body glitter.

“We were actually using special prosthetics on their breasts which are made by a company in New Zealand, so they were custom made for them,” she revealed.

“They’re about the palm of your hand and they’re made of latex.”

Miller said she and an assistant had just over an hour to paint each of them and less than half an hour to scrub them clean and get them into their next outfits.

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And there was no magic to it – just hot showers and A LOT of soap.


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