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Surprise That Caught Seven Year Switch’s Felicity Off Guard

Seven Year Switch contestant, Felicity, has opened up about her painful pregnancy that put a strain on her struggling relationship 'right from the start'.

The 25-year-old has said how she fell pregnant with her first child to fiancé Michael, just three months after meeting him.

The young mum, has told New Idea how the pregnancy caught her by surprise saying “I had just turned 22, I could barely walk and I was bedridden.”

“It was never an easy relationship - we were fighting and it was always a stressful environment,” She added.

She recalled being “in and out of hospital the whole time,” and suffered “severe morning sickness” the entire pregnancy.

The couple were faced with more stress after yet another surprise pregnancy, just three months after their first child's birth.

Felicity has recently admitted that the couple are 'obsessed' with their children and it was her kids that made her want to exit the show.


'It was hard, I tried to leave [the show] twice,' she revealed. 'By the end of the third day I was like "I can't do this! It was hard, I missed my kids."'

Felicity, who 'swapped' fiancee Michael for Mark, while Michael was paired up with Kaitlyn admitted that her children are always her first priority.

'We live and breathe our kids - we're obsessed with them," she said. 'Going away for the show was the first time we've ever been away from our kids. That was massive.'

Seven Year Switch is the reality show where couples put their struggling relationships in the hands of the controversial ‘switch therapy’

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