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The Wife Of Bachelorette's Rhys On Abusive Relationship

He is one of the men trying to win the heart of Georgia Love on the Bachelorette but earlier this week it was found out that Rhys Chilton is already married to U.S based partner Kelsi.

What’s more is that she has revealed she was at the centre of a lot of abuse from Rhys who would often call her Kelsi revealed that Rhys would often belittle her and call her 'fat' saying, 'you won't amount to anything.' 

According to Kelsi, Rhys also attempted to ruin her business, she says ’'I had a photography website, and he blocked access saying he wouldn't give it back until I repaid him $300 I owed him for bills.

She has also shared texts with the magazine that show Rhys messaging her saying 'In case u are too stupid...Pay ur debts you f***ing retard (sic)'

Kelsi also told the publication that Rhys is still selfish and made her feel miserable. 

The pair's relationship has been described as ‘turbulent’ and the entrepreneur only started divorce proceedings earlier this year.

Telling the magazine about Rhys, Kelsi said ‘’He only cares about himself… and should not be dating that beautiful girl Georgia [Love],' she told the magazine.

 Rhys later explained to Daily Mail Australia he and Kelsi separated two years ago after their marriage failed to work.

He added the details to their divorce were still being finalised.

'Coming on the show has been my way of getting back into dating,' a statement from Rhys said. 

The Bachelorette continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Ten.

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