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There’s Now A Super Mario Movie In The Works

You may not know this, but Nintendo attempted to make a live-action Super Mario movie back in 1993. The shocking film stared Bob Hoskins and John Lequizamo and after it was released Nintendo became much more possessive of their intellectual property. 

If you haven’t seen the horror of the live-action film, feast your eyes on this!

It’s hard not to imagine why Nintendo have been reluctant in letting any Hollywood-types near their beloved characters ever since. 

However, with the advances in computer animation, it appears that Nintendo are giving a Super Mario movie another shot. The Wall Street Journal reported that the company has struck a deal with Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio behind the ever popular Despicable Me films, to bring Mario and his friends back to the big screen.

Nintendo have reportedly signed on to do one movie with potential for more in the future. The first film is currently in early development. 

Given the fact that animated films take a few years to complete, it’s unlikely we’ll see the overall-clad plumber in cinemas any time soon. Either way, it’s a huge move forward for a company that’s generally been reluctant to break into film.

If this Super Mario film proves successful, it could mean that other Nintendo characters will also make the leap to the big screen.


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