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There Was An I’m A Celeb First Tonight And We Can’t Deal

For the first time in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here history there was a night tucker trial.

The Gross Train… Think Ghost Train, pitch black with actual disgusting liquids, animal solids and god knows what else being thrown at you from all angles.

Another catch? You couldn’t move your hands the two buttons you were holding down, or you fail.

Everything dripping down your face, neck, body… the smell, the taste… and not being able to wipe it away! ICK!

Every single celeb needed to complete the challenge, winning a star each.

Let’s just say there are screams, squeals and plenty of concern from the outside contestants… who can hear everything.

We don’t know if we could have handled it!

Would you?

While Casey could not get through the challenge, both Ash and Tegan hesitated in fright and almost lost their star. 

Meanwhile, Carson somehow managed to make jokes the entire way through. 

And Naz of course just dry retched his way through. 

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