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This Gilmore Girls Pic Gives Us Hope For Luke and Lorelei!

This image gives us hope that FINALLY Luke and Lorelei on the Gilmore Girls ended up together and have stayed together since the show's finale. 

The pic shows the driveway of the Gilmore Girls' house with both Luke's ute AND Lorelei's car parked outside it.

Aside from the confusion that they haven't updated their cars in over a decade, this totally has us excited that the pair have ended up together!

It was always meant to be!

And there's something else that has piqued our interest in that photo... 

The Chuppah!

Let us jog your memory... way back in season two, episode three, Lorelei was engaged to Max (Rory's high school english teacher for those playing at home). 

And Luke, putting his obvious romantic feelings for Lorelei aside, hand-made a chuppah for the couple to get married under!

Now that definitely isn't just sitting out in the driveway for no reason as they set up for the revival...

Could it be an upcoming wedding? A memento from when Luke and Lorelei wed (we can dream!)? 

The suspense is killing us! 

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