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THIS Is The Guaranteed Way To Get A Tweet From Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is one of those people that you can just tell is a normal person who just happens to be famous.

Aside from that, she’s incredibly talented - and an Aussie, woo!

So when Kyle and Jackie O caught up with her recently, they talked about how active she is in responding to her fans on Twitter.

She explained that loves responding to tweets from fans, unless they’re nasty.

“I look for opportunities for me to be hilarious.”

“I just can’t help myself, if I find the chance to be ironic or funny my fingers just can’t help themselves.”

During the chat, Iggy also mentioned her fiancé, Nick Young, several times.

She mentioned that they “go to the movies all the time” and that while she’s not a prankster, Nick is.

“I’m not a prankster, but I’m living with one!”

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