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Tonight's IAC Loser Could NOT Have Looked Happier To Go Home

We're on the final countdown to having our King or Queen of the Jungle crowned and, after what seemed like we weren't losing any celebrities at all, they've been crossing that bridge thick and fast over the last few days.

And tonight's elimination means we're down to our last five - and what a five they are.

After crying about NOT being sent home last night, swimming champ Lisa Curry looked utterly relieved to be leaving her khaki camp bed behind, barely stopping to hug her fellow contestants.

BUT the self-professed mother of the camp had one final gift, chucking something curiously crinkly down Nat's top which was later revealed to be ear plugs and nail files.

Not only that, Lisa laughed to co-hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown, she had smuggled in a serious amount of contraband into the camp, stashing a bunch of lollies from Brisbane Airport in her crochet gear. 

It's always the quiet ones, hey?

That leaves actor Nat Bassingthwaite, shock jock Steve Price, comedian Nazeem Hussain, singer Casey Donovan and AFL star Dane Swan to battle it out for that jungle crown on Sunday's finale.

And with only two more shows to go, the race is on to see which of the celebrities will be taking home that highly earned title, and the cash for their chosen charity.

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