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Was The Bachelor's Groundhog Date Unfair?

Groundhog Day on The Bachelor ended in a walkout and it's a wonder the viewers didn't walkout as well after they felt the bachelorettes' humiliation.

Bachelor Sam Wood took Bec, Ebru and Jacinda on exactly the same date without either of them knowing until they exchanged stories back at the mansion.

None of them took it well, especially Jacinda who was an emotional wreck but she kept her dignity intact by leaving and not giving Wood the chance to dump her.

Sometimes goodbyes can be beautiful and sad... 😢 #TheBachelorAU

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Watching Wood put each girl through exactly the same experience, even though the girls thought they were on a special single date, was too much for some to stomach.

"Your telling me Sam is taking three different girls on dates and playing with their feelings this is simply outrageous!," wrote Emily.

"#thebachelorau cant help feeling sorry for the 3 girls...have a heart producer," tweeted Jane P.

Kirsten Chambers wrote, "Part laughing .. Mostly actually feeling sorry for them."

Other though were quick to highlight the `irony' of the dateless trio complaining about the way they were treated on a reality show that's designed to entertain viewers at their expense.

The sarcasm was endless.

"This is absolutely humiliating" -- But competing against 19 other girls on national television for the 1 guy is not at all," wrote Nicky.

"The girls are angry and embarrassed. Like they're, you know, performing for our entertainment or something. How horrible," tweeted Andy Thompson.

"Girls are humiliated they went on the same date ... not that they r dating the same guy who has 10 other GFs on national TV," said Tifanie Milton.

One person suggested Wood was nowhere near as clever managing multiple dates as Playboy boss Hugh Hefner who was seeing Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson all at the one time.

"I bet Hugh Hefner doesn't have to put up with this drama!," wrote Blake.

In the end though Jacinda covered herself in glory by refusing to remain under Wood's emotional spell.

That led to calls for her to return as next year's Bachelorette.

"Jacinda for bachelorette 2016," tweeted Claire de Freitas who was not alone in endorsing the NSW personal assistant for her own reality dating series.

But now she's departed there are nine women left on the desperate and dateless reality series which returns next Wednesday on Network Ten.


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