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The Bachelor Just Went To A Whole New Level Of Raunchy

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to know who got the boot on Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor, look away now.

Poor Simone hasn't made much of an impression so far, other than being the English chick who gently reminds us at every available opportunity that she has yet to get a single date with our beloved Matty J.

But with the last of this year's mean girls officially out of the Bachie mansion - seeya, Jen - the 26-year-old finally came into her own and decided that tonight's group date was the perfect time to take things R-rated.

It did start innocently enough; the show's producers Matty had thoughtfully laid out a whole day of childhood games and fun in an effort to get to know his girls when they were, um, girls.

Then that try-to-pop-a-balloon-between-two-people game was introduced - you know the one usually reserved for super cringey team building experiences and bad Hen Parties - and the innuendo was coming in thick and fast.

"I thought popping a balloon was gonna be a breeze. But these things just won't pop," Matty said. "I'm squeezing, I'm hugging, I'm thrusting - am I being too rough?"

Almost immediately after one of the girls could be heard mumbling "lucky balloon" as Matty pressed his crotch against it, while Osher could barely talk for laughing. 

Then Simone, the real MVP of the day, decided she had nothing to lose and went all guns blazing for the next party game: "Pin The Heart On The Bachelor".

"Everyone else was putting it in lovely places like his ear and his neck and his eyes and his mouth and his heart," she mocked off-camera. "Piss off.

"Have a bit of a laugh with it."

So where did Simone stick her heart?

"She sticked a heart right on his... little... manhood," Florence confirmed.

And, despite getting the boot from the Bachie mansion by the end of the episode, Simone stood by her decision.

"It's a good penis," she nodded.

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