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What Happened To Zac Efron’s Hair?!

Zac Efron’s certainly had some interesting hairstyles over the years, but his latest has to take the cake!

The somewhat skunk-like ‘do is short on the sides and back but REAL long on the top. However it probably wouldn’t be so noteworthy if it weren’t for the bleached ends.

Reminding us of the iced tips and undercuts of the 90’s, the star looks like wouldn’t be out of place on stage with the Backstreet Boys. Circa ’98.

But according to Zac he has a very good reason for the bleached locks.

“Yes, it is for a role… I did do a movie called Baywatch,” he joked.

“I knew that we were going to have reshoots, not reshoots, but additional photography, so I decided to keep my hair blonde for it. It’s grown since, it’s gotten longer.”

And then he found out that they wouldn’t be doing any for another year…

Anyone else voting it's time for a cut?!

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