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Why Delta And Olivia Newton-John Are No Longer Speaking

News has emerged that apparently Delta Goodrem and Olivia Newton-John are no longer on speaking terms.

It comes about after Delta was apparently ‘gearing up’ to play Olivia in a biopic about her life.

New Idea has reported that Olivia sent the production company for the series a cease-and-desist letter and is said to be “doing everything in her power to shut down the production of the unauthorised project.”

Somehow Delta has ended up in the middle of the drama - and is on the outs with Olivia as a result.

“[Olivia’s] very upset and is not taking [Delta’s] calls,” the insider told the mag. “She expects Delta to publicly disassociate herself from the movie before she’ll talk to her again."

In the past, Delta has spoken of their friendship, with both of them surviving cancer.

“Olivia’s been an incredible guiding light with me,” she said. “She’s always given me really great advice ... She’s beautiful and we have a beautiful friendship.”

Source: News.com.au

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