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WOAH! There Is A Spice Girl We Have NEVER MET!

Imagine how it would feel to be a Spice Girl.

Then not be a Spice Girl.

Well, that is exactly what Mel Coloma’s life has been like. At age 18, she made the final line-up of the band after beating hundreds of other hopefuls.

Then, she was dumped for Posh Spice; better known was Victoria Beckham!


Mel, now 41, was told at the time that her voice was ‘too good’ and she should pursue her solo career, the was dropped from the band, which at the time was called ‘Touch.’

With her powerful voice, Mel became super close to becoming Mel L but instead of being a multi-millionaire like the girls who made it, Mel now works in the British health service as an admin worker.

She currently sings at weddings and other events with her band The Decanters, but she told the Mirror she would never forget the moment she found out that she was dropped.

It was when she saw the Wannabe video on the TV.

‘My first thought was that the video was bizarre. Then Mel B’s face flashed up on the screen and everything fell into place.


‘This was the group I’d so nearly been a part of. I’d assumed it hadn’t come to anything because it had been two years and I’d never heard anything about Touch. But here they were.

‘I remembered Mel B because she looked so striking and she had the gift of the gab. I didn’t remember Victoria or the others because there were hundreds of us at the audition,’ she added.

After she had been let go, Mel joined another girl band that quickly fell apart before she worked with Irene Cara on the Footloose musical.

Mel isn’t bitter though and says ‘’Over time, I learned to accept the girls were ultimately picked for their images, not their voices. I don’t resent Victoria.’

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