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Woolworths Have Just Launched The Best Product Range EVER!

The shelves of Woolies is not a likely place to buy luxury skincare.

It does seem, however, that there is a brand new range in store where you can get just that!

Voeu, is a budget skincare line co-founded by Jules Sebastien and is aimed at mum’s who want to take care of themselves. 

Speaking to Nine Honey, Jules spoke about the benefits of her new products.

"We are time poor, we're always in a hurry and this product is so easy to pick up from the supermarket while you're doing your shopping and it's easy to use step-by-step," she said.

This très chic skincare range contains micellar water, night creams and quick-use face wipes that have scrumptious ingredients like Japanese cedar extract, pink pepper and liquorice root. Sounds good enough to eat if you ask us.

The best thing about it? They range from $1.50-$8.00. We’re in.

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