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"Leave..." Sam NOT Happy With Material Girl Suggestion

Last night was tense on The Bachelorette. After a successful day of getting to know Plumber Dave, Drew and His Glorious Hair and Football Michael it was cocktail party hour... And David (International Model Of Not-Much-Mystery) ruined all good vibes.

Deciding that Football Michael was being too football (because he has tattoos, and plays football) and was winning Sam over just a little too much with said footballness, David let her know about his concerns.

It was awkward, and he smashed bro code to smithereens.

Interrupting Sam and Michael (affectionately called, Mikey) to give Sam a hat... he took the few minutes he had to make a good impression on Sam to tell her how shallow she was.

'I think most of the guys here are intimidated by his position, occupation, tattoos,' he started, before saying that she was obviously enamoured by those three assets too.

But, Sam is woman and she will roar.

'You know what,' she said, with a this-isn't-going-to-end-well tone. 'I have to break it to you guys... Anyone who feel threatened by him or whatever it is, that is your own insecurities.'

She continued, 'I think it's a load of rubbish that anyone would have this theory that I care about materialistic bullsh*t, because I don't. At all. I'm the last person on the planet that would date someone because of their status. It is the most offensive thing anyone could say about me.'

Giving him a chance to redeem himself, Sam asked what David thinks she wants in a man to which he replied something that mentioned 'good baby daddy' and 'well dressed.' 

'If that's the kind of person you think I am, then you can leave,' she ended. *applause*

In the words of David's response - That was intense.


The rose ceremony unsurprisingly ended with David sans rose.

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