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You’re Not Going To Like What Laurinas Boyfriend Said To Her

If you were away in the jungle for weeks on end, starved of any real food, comforts, and intimacy, the moment you see your partner would be a moment you’d long for.

For Laurina, I can’t help but think the moment she met up with her boyfriend, Lewis Romano, after six longs weeks in the jungle, it didn’t quite live up to her expectations…

It definitely fell short for the rest of Australia… In a moment that was captured just as Laurina excited the jungle in ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’, the audience saw Lewis and Laurina see each other for the first time in six long weeks, and one of the very first things he said to her after a big kiss?

“What happened to your skin baby?” To which she replied, “I know, it’s a mess!”

Lewis then went on to tell her 'you look so skinny!' - again making a comment on her appearance.

The brunette beauty replied 'oh really?' before it cut to her proud beau gushing about her achievements in the show.

But Lewis then noticed she had a new odour from her six weeks in the South African jungle and told her: 'You stink!' Social media promptly erupted…

NOT happy, Lewis!

Source: Daily Mail

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