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The One Thing This Gogglebox Family Won't EVER Talk About

The Dalton Family have opened up about what they’re completely closed about on Gogglebox.

Matt and Kate Dalton revealed to New Idea that, despite the show bringing them together as a family, one thing seems to be off-limits to their daughters, Millie, 20, and Holly, 18.

“Boyfriends are top secret stuff. They don't share boy stuff with us,” Kate said.

“I have a lot of suspicions,” Matt chimed in before this cracker sledge: “I don't think they have strong enough boyfriends to be able to sit on the couch with us.” 

This is the Dalton Family’s ninth season as professional TV-watchers, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

“It wasn’t always easy earlier on,” Kate previously said.

“A 15-year-old on the couch is not that easy.”

Like the time when it came out that Holly snuck out one night only to turn up with the police.

“It came up as a discussion when we saw someone get taken away in the back of a police van on the show,” Matt told Who Magazine.

“The problem was that we hadn’t told the kids’ grandparents.”

 “Within 30 seconds of it airing, our phones rang [and] both grandparents were like, ‘that’s disgraceful’. It was a genuinely embarrassing moment.”

However, nowadays they admit that if it wasn’t for Gogglebox, they wouldn’t see each other as much.

“Gogglebox brings us together,” Kate said.



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