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Has Liam Gallagher still got it?

By Rebecca Adams, Image Credit - facebook.com/OasisOfficial

Oasis was an iconic band that made music history in the 90s. Unfortunately, the Gallagher brothers didn’t quite get along, so in the end, they broke our hearts and decided to split.

Liam and Noel (Gallagher) have tried their separate projects, but haven’t really reached the same heights as Oasis (which would obviously be tough, given their legacy!).

Sometimes when successful band members go solo, there’s huge pressure to top the success that band might have had. Unless your name is Beyoncé, she did alright…

So, when I found out Liam Gallagher is releasing an album, As You Where in October, it made me wonder, is this a good thing for him career wise?

Liam went solo in 2015 after being in the band Beady Eye shortly after Oasis split. Their music didn’t quite achieve the same success as Oasis. One of their albums, Be Here Now, was the fastest selling album in UK chart history in 1997, and as of 2009, they’d sold over 70 million albums.

Noel Gallagher also tried other projects, but again, he didn’t achieve the same greatness.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a “you suck Liam and Noel Gallagher” piece, but when you are in a huge band like Oasis, do you think they’re taking a big risk trying something else?

Let me know what you think! Has Liam still got it? Vote below!

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