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One Of Next Week's Single Dates May Be A Sleepover: Report

It’s one of the biggest differences between The Bachelor and The Bachelor Australia.

The Intimate Fantasy Suite Date.

You know… the overnight date. The sleepover.

The US version of the show gives their Bachelor and Bachelorette the opportunity to go behind closed doors, whereas the Aussie show has kept things pretty squeaky clean.

And apparently, that’s the way Matty J likes it.

Say what now.

"I think it’s a good call [not to have fantasy suite dates]," he told OK! Magazine.

"I don’t think it’s needed to find out who you end up with."

The mag said that next week Matty and “a lucky lady” would be “off to a romantic retreat” and while it hinted heavily, it stopped short at actually confirming a 24-hour sleepover date.

They did report, however, that the “lucky lady” would be on her second single date.

Time will tell.

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