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10 Reasons Why Party Girls Are More Successful

1. We have an endless supply of energy.

There's no going home at midnight, we push through to make it past the 1am sleepiness and end up having our most fun around 4am. This means we've also got the strength and determination to push through long boardroom meetings to get through to the rewarding part, closing the deal.


2. We thrive on chaos.

It's weird to us that people get so easily thrown off when plans are changed... we live for this! Spontaneity and new challenges are our favorite things. We don't get teary when our work load gets bigger or our responsibilities are changed. Compared to convincing a bouncer to let us into the club for free, this is easy.


3. We are natural networkers.

We're used to social environments and we love creating fun with people we don't know. People love being around us because we know how to get things started.


4. We get what we want.

We want a table in the club, we want a pay rise, we want a new office, we get it. It takes hard work to get noticed in a bar full of people and same goes for the workplace. 


5. We won't embarrass ourselves at company parties.

We can hold our liquor because this Christmas party is nothing in comparison to last Saturday night. We wouldn't be party girls if we were always blacking out and making a fool of ourselves. We know our limits, we've been down that road before.


6. Last one at the party, last one in the office.

We're competitive and love being the last one standing. AND  we love making sure everyone knows it. 


7. We Look fabulous all the time.

We have a reputation to uphold after all. You won't catch us in ill fitting clothes, or boring black and white combos. We add flair to the corporate culture even if it might be a platform heel or a fresh cut.


8. We're leaders.

We're the ones organizing the nights out, the dinner parties and social gatherings. We get everyone together and get them moving in the direction we want. We can manage our posse just as good as our team.


9. People can rely on us.

Everyone knows we will always turn up and on time. We're not flaky and we BYO a positive attitude. 


10. We're not fragile, we're fierce.

We can handle any amount of spilt drinks, large crowds or chilly weather and we still push on. We don't need our 8 hours sleep and no body walks all over us. 


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