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12 Vintage Baby Names That Are SO Hot Right Now!

If you haven't noticed already, baby names from the Baby Boomers are slowly creeping back into style. 

It may be because it's when most of our parents (or grandparents) were born, or because time is a flat circle and we are bound to repeat until eternity. 

Mums today have a special spot for timely, elegant names, like Ava, Sophia and Isabella. 

These (even OLDER!) names from the 1950's are making a big comeback. 


1. Josephine 

This name is great because it comes with a range of nicknames, Jo, JoJo, Josie, Joey and has been the name of many strong women in the past. For example, imitable performer Josephine Baker, Jo March from Little Women and Empress Josephine Bonaparte, wife to Napoleon are just a few. 

2. Rex 

Rex means 'King'. It is a strong, bold choice for either girls or boys, however it is more popular for boys. It's popularity in the 1950s can mostly be attributed to Rex Harrison, who starred in classics like My Fair Lady

3. Lillian 

Lillian has been popular at both the beginning and middle of the 20th century. Lily and Lil are cute and popular nicknames that can be derived from the name too. 

4. Perry 


Perry was most popular in the mid 1800s and it came back in the 1950s thanks to the singer and TV personality Perry Como. Perry means 'dweller by the pear tree'. Perry is a cute name for either a boy or girl. 

5. Eva 

Eva means 'life' and it's been in the top 100 baby names for girls since 2009. It's not as popular as Ava but sometimes going for the less common can be more special. 

6. Wesley

If you want your child to be a hugely successful actor, then name him Wesley. Wes Anderson, Wes Craven, Wesley Snipes.... Wesley hit its popularity peak at number 66 in the 1970s and hovers around the #160 mark now. 

7. June 

The name June is, yes, after the month June but it was originally derived from the Roman goddess Juno, protector, patron goddess of Rome and overall badass. 

8. Lee 

Lee is an elegant classic and a great gender neutral. Lee means 'pasture or meadow'. It's also the name of dreamy actor Lee Page and it's definitely a unique name... so that kid will likely be the only Lee in the class! 

9. Ruby 

It's pretty special to name your child after a gem. Ruby is hugely popular overseas and number 10 in Australia! Imagine dressing your little girl Ruby in a ruby red dress... Divine! 


10. Russell 

It's believed that Russell started as a nickname for redheads so if you have ginger in your DNA definitely consider this name! Rusty is a super cute nickname that derives from Russell too. 

11. Audrey 

Thanks to Audrey Hepburn, the name Audrey remains the arbiter of elegance for a good proportion of our generation. Audrey means 'noble strength' - totally Queen like. 

12. Rosemary 

Popular among this generation's grandmothers, Rosemary has come back in style! The name Rosemary means 'dew of the sea' and the plant is a sign of faithful lovers. Cute! 



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