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7 Times Rebel Wilson Was Outrageously Funny

Rebel Wilson will be on the Kyle & Jackie O show next week!

She's an Aussie gem, and gosh - we just love her. Since hitting the big time, Rebel Wilson has not only lit up our screens - but screens around the globe!

AS she'll be one of the stars joining Kyle and Jackie O on their first week back, we thought we'd highlight a few of her best ever moments! Watch the above video to see the 7 moments mentioned below - plus a HEAP more!

#1: In Pitch Perfect when she listens to the lesbian

#2: When she had an English accent in Bridesmaids

#3: Throughout the whole of 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'

#4: When she references gingers in Pitch Perfect

#5: When she kicked off her heels on The Morning Show - literally.

#6: When she said 'turdburgers' on our screens in Pitch Perfect

#7: ...and when she proves she's great at bikini car washes


Tune in to the Kyle & Jackie-O show from Monday!

video via youtube.com/user/KathrynFarmer95

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