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Are You Exfoliating Your Eyebrows? You Should Be…

(Video courtesy of the Daily Mail)

Have a lengthy beauty routine? Get ready to make it even longer – apparently, you need to be exfoliating your eyebrows.

Lisa Potter-Dixon, the make up artist in the clip, is also the head make up artist for Benefit cosmetics.

“It’s [brow exfoliation] really for those who suffer from ingrown hairs around the brow area,” she said.

The process is essential for removing dead skin, helping brow growth and beating ingrown hairs.

Because of its popularity, brands are even jumping on board and rolling out an array of brow exfoliates.

However, don’t be fooled by these products, because Lisa suggests to just use the normal exfoliator you use for your skin.

Hmmm…will you be adding it to your list?

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