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Woman Reported Missing On Facebook Replies Herself

Queensland police force was left publicly humiliated after their appeal for a missing girl on Facebook went wrong.

The race had posted a photograph of the young woman on their Facebook page saying ‘’Can you help us find a 17-year-old girl missing from Carindale?" and a link to an appeal on their website.’’

It quickly received a lot of ‘sad’ and ‘shocked’ reactions on the social media site before one moment got a bit more attention than the original post.

The person who was reported missing, Erian Thompson explained she was sitting in her bedroom, and it was all a misunderstanding.

She wrote: "Guys I'm fine I'm not missing this is an overreaction to a fight I had with my sister I'm legit just sitting in my bedroom."


Even though Erian had commented she was fine, the police commented that they could not remove the post until a police officer had seen her and asked her to come into the station.

A spokeswoman for Queensland Police told the Daily Mail the girl was located before 5 PM and the post was then removed.

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