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Bali Nine Duo Refuse to Sign Execution Papers

Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have both refused to sign their execution warrants, saying that they deserve a second chance. 

It has been confirmed that they will be executed after midnight on Wednesday of this week. 

A local funeral director of Cilacap, the nearest port to Nusakambangan, was instructed to inscribe the names of those to be shot and the date of their deaths. 


Sukumaran was the first of the nine prisoners called to hear of his execution. When asked to sign the execution papers he refused and told them that he was rehabilitated and that he had spent so many years in the prison doing good for other inmates and felt his execution was unjust. 


Julian McMahon the lawyer of both Sukumaran and Chan said that "the way Myuran conducted himself reflected the depth and strength of his character. He was calm, composed and straightforward given what had just been said to him."


"He spoke with courtesy and clarity to a hushed room explaining why he felt to proceed to execution was unjust."

Chan was brought to the office next and gave the prosecutors a similar response. Chan said "I have helped other inmates as much as I can and I still do and that's not me talking, you will hear that from a lot of people, the ones I have helped."

Mr McMahon said that both men were asked their last requests, "each of the requests was simple, mature, not materialistic in any way." 

Sukumaran's last wish was to paint for as long as possible. Chan's was to be able to go to church with his family during his final days. 

Their families are allowed to visit the Island of Nusakambangan to see their loved ones until Tuesday at 2pm. 

Sukumaran has been documenting his final days on earth in a series of self-portraits. Julian McMahon was seen carrying one which was inscribed, "Time is ticking." 


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