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Can You Spot This EPIC Photoshop Fail?!

This pic of Fifth Harmony is very unsettling.

The American five-piece girl group, who formed on the second season of The X Factor USA back in 2012, were posing for a shoot for Billboard Magazine.

All five of the girls are pictured in black skin tight leotards hanging off the side of some white stairs.

Standard photoshoot behaviour so far right?

Until you take a closer look at the image and realise something is very very wrong.

This has to be an epic photoshop fail or else one band member has two right feet….

Ally Brooke is pictured here with both of her big toes on the left side of her feet and it’s freaking a lot of people out.

The photo doesn’t feature in the article on Billboard’s site but it was tweeted a number of times.


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