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WATCH: Cat Hijacks Professor's TV Interview

While cats are well known for having no time for your BS but, for one particular cat, neither did Polish historian Jerzy Targalski.

During a TV interview, his cat decided to climb atop Targalski’s head.

Targalski was weighing in on "the controversial forced removal of Polish top judge Malgorzata Gersdorf" by the country's ruling conservative party, when his orange floof began pawing and clawed his way up Targalski’s arm.

"Eh - we tolerate this?" Targalski asked in relation to the journalist’s question but it could also be a statement to the fact the cat was now up around his neck.

Although the cat wrapped his tail around his owner’s eyes and head, Targalski was completely unfazed, continuing to give his views.

Of course, these antics reminded us of ‘BBC Dad’, international relations expert and Pusan National University political-science professor Robert Kelly, whose interview was gatecrashed by his kids mid-interview.

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