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Couple Seeking Adoption Are Roped Into Horrific Scam

Mark and Holly Gonzales tried for a baby for four years, after being unsuccessful they looked into other methods. They decided to sign up to an adoption agency and shortly after were contacted by a woman named Kristy Bennet. Kirsty was expecting twins and claimed she couldn't keep them for financial reason. Mark and Holly were thrilled with the news that they would soon be parents. 

Holly recalls Kristy sending her a text message saying "I think you're going to be great parents for the twins." 

What Mark and Holly didn't know was that they were being conned into an adoption scam. The woman who contacted them was not named Kristy Bennett, but Roxanne Janel Jones, a criminal and a con artist. Jones seeks parents looking to adopt and takes their money. CBS set out to catch the woman, and sent one of their producers to pose as a mother looking to adopt. In less than a month the producer received over a hundred text messages from Jones who was now calling herself Cindy Stevens, most of which were a plea for money. 

The Overland Park Police in Kansas arrested Jones shortly after. They found that over a year she conned 10 different families, using 6 different aliases. 

Watch the video here to see how it played out.

Source: CBS 

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