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Dad Warns Parents Of Little-Known Hazard For Babies

A father posted a warning on his Facebook page after his baby daughter almost lost a toe.


At first glance, you might not notice the hair tourniquet around Molly's toe, but this problem is common in infants.

It happens when a piece of hair wraps around a toe or finger to cut off blood circulation to cause infection.

Scott Walker and his wife, Jessica, didn't know why their 19-week-old daughter was crying, and at first didn't think too much of it until she began to overheat.

They took off her socks and noticed the hair tourniquet.

As luck would have it, Jessica has what Scott calls "medical emergency superpowers," and was able to safely remove the tourniquet from Molly's toe.

The piece of hair cut through Molly's skin and luckily she's okay!

H/T Huffington Post

Images: Stock Image/Facebook

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