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Dr Pimple Popper Has Outdone Herself With Her Latest Video

Whenever we hear there's a new Dr Pimple Popper video, we get a bit like this.


And then a bit like this.


But, obviously, we keep watching.

Even for us, though, this one's a bit gnarly; a hefty cyst, which the doctor has lovingly referred to as "Third Eye Blind", has spent a fair bit of time making itself at home on an unnamed man's nose and it's eviction time.

Apparently it's not the first time the man has attempted to have the growth removed, either, with botched previous operations making the situation even worse.

"I see it - it's right there but it's stuck to it. It's not open," Dr Sandra Lee says after covering the patient's eye with a pad and slicing into the lump. "It's almost like it's so pristine and pretty that I don't want to puncture it."

That pristine, pretty picture lasts for approximately three seconds, at which point the good doctor has a squeeze and what can only be described as ricotta cheese is violently expelled.

Then comes the task of surgically removing the entire "sac", to make sure the cyst doesn't grow back, before the wound is neatly stitched back up.

"My family is going to be so much happier," the man says at the end. "Every time I see my grandma she says, 'When are you going to get that removed?'"

We're all so much happier, sir. Thank you.

You can see the whole video here, if you dare.

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