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Fed-Up Driver Hates Overtime, Stops Train 300km From Station

A Spanish train driver found THE most passive-aggressive way of dealing with his boss' overtime demands, bringing his train to a halt some 300km from its intended destination.

The blatant refusal to work a minute past his rostered shift meant more than 100 passengers were stranded just two hours into their journey to Madrid, pulling into the tiny village of Osorno at 9.15pm.

And even though the puzzled commuters were initially told that the stop was a technical issue, it wasn't long until the real reason was revealed.

"They said the engineer had decided to stop because he had finished his workday and did not want to risk having an accident by excessive hours," El Diario Mantanes was told by one disgruntled passenger.

As there was only one other train conductor on board, a replacement bus was sent for, although it was 11.30pm before it arrived.

"They should have had a substitute driver lined up but it didn't happen," a spokesman for the Semaf rail workers' union said. "We've seen similar things in the past."

You'll be glad to hear that all 109 passengers were refunded their train fare.

How helpful.

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