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Fitness Blogger Transforms Body In 3 Minutes With Unrealistic “Fitspo” Trend

A fitness blogger has revealed the wild misconceptions people have when viewing "fitspo" on the internet.

She thinks people's obsessions with selfies has caused significant body image issues on social media.

Sophie Kay, a personal trainer and blogger, challenged this unrealistic trend on her Instagram, transforming her body in 3 minutes.

In a post on her blog, she highlighted how minor changes can lead to a drastic change in how your body appears on camera.

All she did was turn off her overhead light, put on more flattering underwear, angle her body away from the camera and add an Instagram filter.

Sophie wants to emphasise that being healthy shouldn't be relative to the way you look, but leading a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes all of the "fitspo" on our Instagram feeds can make us feel pressured to change the way we look, but as Sophie pointed out - most of the time we're only seeing a manipulated, unrealistic version.

Photos: Instagram & Stock Photo

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