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Rapper Tricked Into ‘Retirement’ Shoutout To George Pell

Rapper Flavor Flav has clearly been fooled into recording a “retirement” message for George Pell.

The disgraced Cardinal, 77, spent his first night in jail on Wednesday after he was convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys.

Flav used this app called Cameo (where you can pay a D-list celebrity to do a personalised shoutout vid) to make the recording, which congratulates Pell on his ‘retirement’.

“This message goes out to George Pell,” Flav says.

“I just gotta say: happy retirement, my man, you know what I’m saying, for real.”

“Not only that, [but] you know what – I know you ran the boys choir man. You know what I’m saying. All of the boys on the choir respected you, you know what I’m saying, they collected you, my man.”

“Once again, happy retirement – you know what I’m saying – and thank you for being a huge fan.”

He also thanks ‘Tristan’ who paid the $150 shoutout fee.

It's believed that Flav is unaware of Pell's convictions. After this, he might start to take an interest in who he's shouting out to by doing a quick Google search. 

Pell was found guilty in December of orally raping a 13-year-old boy and molesting another after Sunday mass at St Patrick's Cathedral in East Melbourne in 1996.

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